About Authors & WritersAnonymous.org:

Seven At The Sevens is written by WritersAnonymous.org, an extremely diverse writers group. Graduates from Harvard University as well as graduates from MIT, Northeastern, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, UC Berkeley and other institutions contributed to this book. Among the contributors is a senior Harvard executive, a senior software engineer from MIT, a classically trained musician, a securities trader and entrepreneur, a psychologist as well as a scientist for Harvard Medical School, and a world-renowned biomedical researcher from Cornell who has focused the past 30 years of his life on studying Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. However, together as members of WritersAnonymous.org, they created SEVEN AT THE SEVENS, which is currently available as paperback and on Kindle on Amazon, and will soon become available in audio book format.

Ever since WritersAnonymous.org was founded, a growing number of writers have been meeting weekly at classic old city pubs, hotel bars and cafes.


This lively, inventive collection is stimulating and fun to read. It’s a very fun, creative opportunity to challenge writers. Headquartered at The Sevens Pub, the members of WritersAnonymous.org have produced a collection of seven word stories. Many are stunning in both their simplicity and depth. These authors brilliantly share some deep, universal truths that both entertain and enlighten. Some are meant to surprise, some to merely play with words, and some reveal wisdom beyond seven small words. Here are a few examples: Going against the grain smooths the surface. Friendship with him was a lonely experience. And, here’s the perfect opening to a novel… We’re all eventually submitted for somebody’s approval. The constraint of having to limit utterances to seven words is inspiring. They resemble the one-line poems of John Ashbery. Highly collaborative, like a friendly game in which everyone wins. The ultimate result is hilarity.
—Writer’s Digest

It’s in your best interest never to underestimate beautiful women or this beautiful book.
—Student, New York University

A major motion picture in the making, someday.
—Hollywood Scoop

Elvis Costello, Angelina Jolie, Jason Schwartzman & Michelle Obama were all spotted recently with a new book believed to be a copy of SEVEN AT THE SEVENS, often described as Hemingway meets Kerouac and all hell breaks loose. The writers of WritersAnonymous.org are indeed living a satire of their own lives. However, this statement is both unsubstantiated & confusing.
—The Onion, Chicago/NYC